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-Half Iranian BITCH.
-I attend UHS
-Vegetarian (I eat fish though. Keeps me healthy)
-Small 5'3"
-August 24th is my birthday.
-I can touch my nose with my tongue. I WILL pick it one day.
-Love is the best and worst feeling in the world
-I never cried in the lion king
-I already know what I want my house to look like
-I have two horses, Allie and Suzie,
a dog named Dobby and three cats.
-I'm loud
-I can't subtract much without a calculator.
-I want to live in Australia
-Ulta makeup r00lz
-Drama Geek
-Cuddling is my favorito (:
-I will go to Australia with Mary in a rowboat
to get a llama
-Your Mom.
-I sleep on the right side of the bed
-I want to be an english teacher so half of
the stuff I'm learning is pointless.
-Say what you will about me but don't fucking
touch my friends
-I curse too much
-I think Jesse McCartney is hot stuff.
-Smoking is gross.
-I WILL burst into song
-My socks never match.
-I have THE oldest converse in the world.
-Love manicures and pedicures from Christian.
-Love orange soda, cream soda and grape soda
(worst sodas for you. Score)
-I have zero balance and can't dance
-I lose just about everything
-I usually know who is calling without
looking at my caller ID
-If something smells clean, it is
-Too generous (makes me po')
-Too hasty to trust people.
-I have dreams. And they will come true.
-I want tattoos
-I want a corgi
-And lots of other dogs.
-And a swedish, liver chestnut warmblood
with no markings and a flaxen mane kaythanksbye.


-band shirts and jeans
-being silly
-Pheer B4
-M to the C to the R
-fake meat
-the arts
-british tea
-Harry Potter
-Wizard's first rule
-taking baths
-chocolate chip cookies
-ice cream cake
-kisses on the forehead and cheek
-shopping with Mary
-Ulta and makeup
-random, funny people


-My brother
-Palm trees
-Sweaty anything
-Hot weather
-Losing things
-The sound of a fork against a glass plate
-People using the couch THROW as a blanket
-Shoes in the middle of the living room
-Having to repeat things
-Close mindedness
-Being ignored
-Mopping floors

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